Nightly Fireside Chat with Rally (10/18/21)

2021.10.19 02:01 RallyInTheNorth Nightly Fireside Chat with Rally (10/18/21)

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"I love life...Yeah, I'm sad, but at the same time, I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It's like...It makes me feel alive, you know. It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I'm feeling is like a beautiful sadness."
- Butters

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Rally's Cap - Pain Hurt comes in more forms than we might care to admit. Between the emotional and physical stressors life can be a challenging go when the discomfort starts to bind in. Most of the time injuries are mild and quick to resolve with a band-aid or fast apology. Unfortunately you and I both know that, when we think of such things, our mind wanders to the more traumatic of experiences - those we wish not to remember; those things which sink their stinger deep into our nervous system and make our minds numb to all but the overwhelming pain that they come to bare.
Apologies, for I wish not to dig up old wounds. Know that such things are not unfamiliar to me, too. Those are sharp pains though: sudden, instant, undeniable. There is no guessing as to what could be the issue in such things. For tonight though, I would like to take a look at the duller pains - you know of that which I speak.
Ever-present in the background, these pains gnaw at us day in and day out. Lingering well past their welcome they break down our foundations, eat away at our sense of self and well-being, and betray our self-confidence. A post-op knee repair that never healed quite right. Grating glances at a borderline black bank account. Anguish and doubt brought forth by years and years of neglect, trauma, and other things not processed in a healthy way.

I am... no authority to prescribe any sort of permanent solution to such things. Dull pains wrack me each and every day. It aches, and it hurts. I look down at my fingers to see the skin chewed away, realizing that the ever present physical pain in them has been an unforgiving curse that I have not been strong enough to keep away. Years of emotional trauma built layer upon layer of inconsistencies, doubts, and neurotic tendencies inside my mind to the point where I truly wonder what potential was lost... or found I suppose. Is the beer in my hand truly guided by the purpose of helping me to unwind after a long Monday of work, or does it represent my attempt to self-medicate in the face of my own unwillingness to face my inner issues? I would... like, to believe in the former. But, to be perfectly honest... I just don't know.

Therapy is an immensely helpful thing. Coincidence brought me in touch with my current one right around February 2020.... yeah, good timing, right? Weekly visits have become a staple of my life, and to say frankly, I'm not entirely sure where I would be right now if I didn't have that support to help me through the pandemic et al. To that end, I cannot recommend that service enough. The boom in need for those practitioners skyrocketed at the start of lockdown... is it so hard to see why? Eight and a half billion people, all told to stay indoors with naught but their own faculties - an impossible place to avoid physical issues or personal demons.
Of course, the bitch of it all is that - as with all ailments - such a service can be expensive. Insurance has been better about offering coverage for counselors, and though I can't speak to the PT side of things I assume that there is a fair deal of support there as well. That said, with how premiums are many people do not have access to the coverage they need to seek out a solution to their issue. Perhaps their work doesn't offer a plan, or maybe whatever provider they had went out of business during this pandemic.
Don't even get me started on Rx costs.
Still, such as it is, it is an extremely important thing to seek help when one needs it - be it for a broken bone or broken heart. Granted, I say that as someone who is lucky enough to have such coverage, but I think the essence of the matter bodes true for us all: it's ok to not be ok.

Cruelty, nevertheless, persists. For all the counseling I've had I still feel like I have miles to go, even though I've come this far. Sometimes the bone just doesn't set right. Sometimes... things never truly heal. It almost feels like some sort of sick joke, doesn't it? Well, maybe. Scars are the ever-present memory of something we would probably like forgotten. In that reminder we see our pain... but we also see how we got through it as well. Yes, your body and mind will never be as they once were, but that's the point. Scars are examples of our resilience, our strength, and our growth; I would like to think that the weight of the burden they carry is worth it.
Not to sound like a broken record, but the MOASS - for all the good that it will do - cannot erase these scars. It won't melt away all your inhibitions. It won't change the past. It can, however, be the tool by which we build for ourselves a support system that can help us deal with our pain. For the first time many people will be able to afford a counselor or PT, all the while knowing that the circumstances by which one lives their life are dictated by the willingness of said person to chart their own course and seek whatever help they need. It doesn't mean that they hope to find permanent solutions - for they do not exist - only that they wish to acknowledge the parts of themselves that are indeed hurting with the hope of being able to manage it better for the rest of their days.
Yes, it sounds awful grim and defeatist, to suggest that we will never be rid of our pain. What point is there to it all if all it is is ever-persistent suffering? A fair question, to be sure. One which the nihilist in me folds their arms with an ironic grin. The answer though, I think, was eloquently spoken by our friend, Butters. Bad things can only exist if their were good things beforehand. After all, in order for something to be worse there must've at least been a baseline that was better. Added to that, the further we get from neutral means that the greater hurt must've come from an equally great joy. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction, right?
As contradictory as it may seem then, pain is necessary for us to recognize the good things around us. It teaches us gratitude, respect, and conviction. In layman's terms, the effort becomes meaningless without the struggle. The process by which we work through that pain is equally as important. We need not suffer for the sake of suffering. If we can cull it, we ought to be so ecstatic to do so.

Over the past ten months or so we have gone through a lot of pain. In our personal lives, of this I am sure. But, as it pertains to the stock we have suffered through FUD and our own commitment to see this through. We've been insulted, lied to, and been made scapegoats by bad actors in MSM. Yet here we stand. Our suffering is not in vain, for from it we emerge as individuals steadfast in our belief that the objective good is on our side and the world is watching with bated breath as we fight to right wrongs that never should have come to pass in the first place. Our scars are many, but from them we are all the wiser. As we hold those memories of such pain in our minds, let us remember that when the day finally comes it will make that joy all the more special.

As for us... for me... where pain keeps our bodies glued to the bed in the morning, or our hands in constant ache, or a cast wrapped tight around one of our limbs, the work to push through such things will never come to cease. We hurt, and we will continue to hurt for the rest of our lives. Amidst that hurt though we hold the keys to our own sense of perspective - that in that hurt we find appreciation for all that we hold dear. And as we finally begin our lives anew - with all that we could ever want - we will look to those things and hold them tight. For whatever pain may come, may we remember what joy in the world gave us the blessing to feel so deeply and care so much about the things we were never keen to lose.

Keep being great folks. Tomorrow is a new day.
Have some fun. Give someone a hug. Tell someone you love them.
And hodl. Don't forget to hodl.
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Hello! We have 1 spot we wanna fill with an active person.
• TakeitSlow
• 245mil GP
• We complete all raids heroic with 24hr join periods. PIT/HAAT is simmed. Sith launches at 7pm EST.
• Territory Wars usually have 45+ participants and is mandatory participation now with recent chages.
• TB is focused on DS Geo and LS Geo with the occasional swap . DS Geo 27, LS Geo 14. Almost 15.
• 32+ Wat and 7x KAM shards(12 solid teams so this only goes up from here)
• CPIT dies about every 7ish days with mercs.
• Active! Consistent participation; 600 raid tickets, Tbs, Tw. The odd miss is okay, just put a note in the afk discord channel but do your best to be present.
• Geos (KAM ready team huge ++) we are looking for atleast 1-2 teams for each Geo tb that can complete combat missions. Or Sizeable Cpit Damage
• Atleast 3mil GP! The more the better obviously but we aren't afraid to spend time with someone with a lower concentrated roster. So exceptions apply
• Discord, we have a bumping one.
• Swgoh account
Lastly, we are here to have fun! No tightwads or prima Madonna's. We are a fun bunch that have been around for a while. The 'chattier', the better!
I can be found at 962 837 698 (ally code) or Lumyii#3717 (discord) if you have questions or wanna chat!
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